The office is open as normal. We are not having face to face appointments for the time being to try to stay open as long as possible. Books etc may be dropped off into reception as usual. We of course are here to answer any questions and support you as always have. We must all carry on and behave as normally as possible if we are to make sure our businesses survive. This is the HM Government advice as we stand Support for those effected

We will update this as and when we receive any facts. We do not know any more than HM Gov. have already revealed. Anything else is speculation but we do expect swift additional support measures soon. It is not recommended to call your bank just yet as they are inundated. The bank will approach all borrowers, domestic and commercial and give capital payment holidays if needed. HMRC will also be flexible on their debts. Here is a link to access that help: Difficulties Paying HMRC

The banks will also be able now to give loans at low rates, underwritten by the government, to tied us all over and pay vital bills, suppliers, rent and wages. If we all keep paying these essentials the businesses in the country will survive this crisis. Call if you need any advice and any new support measures will be notified to you.